Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin & Wolves

This was the former ‘backyard’ of paddytheflea’s blog is dedicated to Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin.

(If you cannot take the time to read the biography and only want to listen to the music – scroll down and look in the sidebar. There you will find all Video’s listed. But – especially if your young – read this biography!) Let’s get into the time-machine then and move to the 60’s!

When I started to listen to Led Zeppelins music I didn’t know that the vocalist was a big fan of Wolves like myself. (You can watch Robert talking about his supportership of Wolves HERE)

(All links in your future reading will be marked with that type of bright white text. You can click on it and watch a Video (over 50 of them) of Robert Plant performing or being interviewed or continuing reading about his career)

My love for Led Zeppelin started about the same time as my love for Wolves – in the late sixties. I was in my early teens and to me Led Zeppelin represented youth, protest and a lot of sex and energy.

It was the beginning of a new era and Led Zeppelin played a new kind of music that – together with the musicians in groups like Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Doors, Cream and The Yardbirds among others – made a brake from the often boring and wimpish popular music of the time and took the tougher turn and inspired the coming groups in the genre of hard rock and heavy metal and subsequently all other genres building on them.

They also questioned the current society and social order – if not always directly with their lyrics and music – with their appearance and manners. The musicians long hair (as a flea I love that!) and clothing inspired from India soon were imitated by their fans and became a bond between followers and a way of sorting out what kind of music you listened to and what societal views you held.

Soon it became a social movement of music, love and protest that swept the globe and led to new ways of looking at society, culture and mans predicament on planet earth as a whole. Talk about globalization, eh? But that word was not invented yet. But this was probably the first global movement of the modern times.

And Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin was an integral part of that. No – more than that – he became an icon of the struggles and hopes of the new era. It sounds big when you say it – and I certainly didn’t look at it that way back then and I’m sure that Robert Plant and his musician friends didn’t either – but today we know what a big influence this development had among the young around the world. And it’s always the young generation that changes the world.

And we also know how it affected peoples minds and the way they looked at the world and then how they acted and became and – as a consequence – how the world became something else. That’s the mechanism of societal and cultural change. Nothing would really be the same after Led Zeppelin and the new musical movement of that era. The world had spun round several times and we had all revolved with it. Enjoying ourselves to the full!

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