Led Zeppelin: Madison Sq Garden (1973) Earls Court (1975) Knebworth (1979)

Word from the publisher:
The second DVD (the first is from the Royal Albert Hall Concert 1970 and can be watched HERE) fast forwards to the ’70s and continues with a trio of main attractions (Madison Square Garden in 1973, Earls Court in 1975, and Knebworth in 1979) and a slew of extras. First up is a composite video for “Immigrant Song,” which contains some amateur footage married to a previously unissued live version of the song. This is followed by outtakes from the motion picture The Song Remains the Same (1976), which finds the quartet at Madison Square Garden in 1973. The oft-bootlegged 1975 Earl’s Court is up next, highlighted by acoustic renderings of “Going to California” and “That’s the Way.”

The last extended set finds Zep during its triumphant return to England in 1979. It would ultimately be a bittersweet affair, as it turned out to be the band’s final performance in its homeland prior to the death of Bonham the following year. Extras on disc two include a few interview clips and promotional videos for “Over the Hills and Far Away” and “Traveling Riverside Blues” — both circa the Led Zeppelin (1990) four-CD box set.


This is devided into six video clips. Note that I am not the publisher of this material and I have no idea if the publisher have a permit to publish this and no way to control that. I just want to Rock On and I hope you want to as well!

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI


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