The Led Zeppelin Cover Sampler

Under this headline Zeptheflea will publish covers of Led Zeppelin songs. If you know any good covers or have recorded one yourself, please notice Zeptheflea about it and I will publish it. This page will be filled up with new covers all the time, so check in.

First out is:

Rodrigo y Gabriela with a wonderful flamenco style Stairway To Heaven performed live at The Olympia

Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) has recorded a lovely and personal cover of Thank You (Live, Stockholm)

An enthralling personal version of Kashmir by Ofra Haza

ANGRA makes a heavy metal tribute to Led Z when playing Kashmir

Weiland seem to be the name of a man who has done a very personal cover of Good Times Bad Times where he does everything himself. Very Good!

Grave Digger is the name of a group who has made a very heavy version of No Quarter. They have made the song into their own and at the same time kept the feeling of the original. That I like! I’ve listened to a couple of Great White covers of Led Z songs, but they add nothing to the original. This does!

Anthony Brady performs a lovely version of Going To California. I think Robert Plant would like this!

Megadeth are making a very god job at covering Out On The Tiles in my opinion. They do their own thing and at the same time very playfully ‘cites’ Led Z.

Maybe this cover is the most known and most personal there is?! Sly And Robbie does their version of D’yer Mak’er.

This is the cover I think is the best so far. Nina Persson and Soundtracks Of Our Lives performing Whole Lotta Love at the Polar Prize Ceremony in 2006 – with Jones, Page and Plant listening! (follow link to YouTube)


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